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The Ultimate & smart JS animation library!
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Simple fast , flexible & easy to integrate. No need to write page long CSS Keyframes that consumes a lot of time and no need to waste a lot on their customizations.

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Just use motionia.js it contains 100+ pre-built animations with a tons of customizations.

No need of using any kind of Scroll library, motionia is independent => No dependencies.

Alright, so explain me in 30 secs what it is actually?

Wanna save time? then just animate elements by adding data attributes.

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<div data-motionia='fadeIn'> hi!, i am a fading in text! :)

With a tons of customizations to elements such as delay , duration , repeat , easing , direction etc parameters.

all by using data attributes to html parametric elements itself.

Need to animate elements using js for some reasons? then just use like:

var myAnim = new motionia() 
// initialize motionia.js{
targets: '#div',
anim: 'rollLeft'
duration: '5s'
// targets can be any html parametric element and 
// then customize according to your needs!
// using simple JSON like structure.

Where to get?

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Motionia on github

Experiment with it here

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Visit my codepen for motionia.js examples and demos and to grasp easily what motionia can actually do.

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Just add a script path of motionia via JSDELIVR into the head of your project

<script src="" defer></script>


We have a svg with id as mysvg now we wanna animate it such that animations triggers when it appears in viewport.

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add a rolling effect from left rollleft

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Set a delay of 5s

This is just a small example.

The animation will be triggered as soon as the element appers inside the viewport.

Note: if you want to trigger element using js then refer the section below.

<div data-mationia='rollLeft' data-delay='5s'> rolling from
 left </div>

The supported animation property is a shorthand property which can be accessed for:

animation-name animation-duration animation-timing-function animation-delay animation-iteration-count animation-direction animation-fill-mode animation-play-state

Refer documentations for more details.

Sliding a element right by 200px

No keyframes straight forward text parameters.

use anim name slide as data-motionia='slide' then specify amount that is data-right='200px' & over!

<div data-motionia='slide' data-right='200px'>i slide by 200px right</div>

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Using js syntax for advanced usage.

You can also trigger animation inside a function like onclick , ontouch etc or maybe as a result of a function.

Pre-built anims , which uses simple syntax makes it easy to decorate our project easily & without any dependencies.

First of all initialize motionia.jsa

var myAnim = new motionia() 
// initialize motionia.js

Now you can create a object and pass parameters in it to customize the anim.

use .mo method to pass parameters{
targets: '#div',
anim: 'rollLeft'
duration: '5s'

You can also overrides targets on every object no need to initialize motionia more than once.

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Many other animation library doesn't provide us built animations but motionia.js do.

Trigger it when elements visible in viewport or trigger on a click using easy JS setup.

The .mo({}) method quite works as a timeline feature.

So, keep going animating by a line.

For brief explanation refer docs.

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grab the docs here: docs of motionia


Now comes the MAIN part!

The best thing of motionia.js is mixing up of anims.

So , it totally depends on your creativity of how you mix the animations.

To rotate & then make a element bigger in size use:

data-motionia='rotateScaleIn' we just mixed the animations name.

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Features at a glance

  • 30+ base animations.
  • Animation property customizations.
  • Easy Scroll builtin animation triggering.
  • Mixing Of animations increases the no. of built-in animations thus, makes it lightweight.
  • JSON structure customization.
  • NO dependencies
  • Tested on all major browsers.

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This is very important do fork it right now and come up with your ideas!

Stargazers repo roster for @abhiprojectz/motionia

Forkers repo roster for @abhiprojectz/motionia

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