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Contains the Symbolic integration in LISP
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Paradigms of Programming

Contains the Symbolic integration in Common LISP.

Features Supported

  1. Simple polynomial integration. Assumption on the nature of input ("+" (a1 x n) (a2 x n-1) .. )

  2. Multiplication of two polynomials ("*" ("+" (4 x 3)) ("+" (3 x 2)))

  3. Rational Polynomials of the form p1(x)/p2(x) where p1(X) is divisible by p2(x) or leaves a remainder of the form c1/(ax+b) or c2/(ax^2 +bx +c)

  4. Basic Trignometric Forms

  5. Basic Logarithmic,Exponential, Power and hyperbolic functions

  6. Integration by parts on polynomials, trignometric and exponential functions. (Note functions after u' * int(v) should also be one of the forms supported).

  7. Addition of expressions (e.g. xsinx + cosx + e^x)

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