Known Issues

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This page contains a list of known issues.
Please contact me to add an issue which you might have found, with clear steps on how to reproduce it.


  • Non-blocking I/O not implemented on /dev/beaglelogic. Done.
  • Sample buffer may be corrupted at high samplerates and low buffer sizes [especially 100 MHz, 16-bit].
    Workaround: Allocate a larger buffer and use one-shot sample rate at this speed
  • Minimum data transfer unit is 4 MBytes. This may be a problem while using low sample rates, say, 100kHz at which it would take 40+ seconds to receive data, so application may appear to freeze. At the moment, higher sample rates can be used, and the BeagleLogic can do up to 300+ MB of samples.



sigrok bindings


Web Frontend


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