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Android MVP Demo

This project demonstrates Model-View-Presenter pattern in android.

There are two screens in this demo app. First screen shows a list of movies using The Movie Database open APIs. Second screen is a detail screen where user can see details about selected movie. This pretty much covers a real world scenario.

Following notable libraries have been used in this project

  1. Retrofit 2 for API interaction
  2. Dagger 2 for dependency injection
  3. RxJava 2 for power of reactive programming

I have used Dagger SubComponents to pass dependencies down in dependency graph.

Here are some nice articles which helped me in learning Dagger 2 and in building this demo project.

  1. Dependency Injection with Dagger 2- CodePath
  2. Dependency injection with Dagger 2 - the API
  3. Introduction to Dagger 2, Using Dependency Injection in Android: Part 2
  4. An Introduction to Dagger 2 (Android DI) – Part 1