An extension to create a new 'about:' page for Firefox. Think 'about:memory' dipped in data-vis goodness.
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A Firefox add-on that works with data from the native about:memory page in the browser.

What you get

  • A new internal page for your browser, about:stats
  • A toolbar-button in the browser's chrome, for quick and easy access to the statistics

What's on offer

  • Live Updates

Data is pulled in real time from the about:memory backend. If that is not your cup of tea, you can disable live updates, which would reveal the option to manually update the numbers.

  • Back-in-time Statistics

A time slider is provided, which would allow you to track the statistics through the displayed datasets. Track your improvements or mistakes in time.

  • Browser's Internal Statistics

Some times, it's not you, it's them. Not limited to the tab-based statistics, you can request to see the internal statistics by the browser. Reveals all the standard allocations for the browser, in addition to a hierarchical view of all memory used by your particular sessions.

What's in the pipeline

  • A tracker which would allow you to selectively compare datasets across time
  • Ability to store a basic data-dump
  • A beautiful page for the beautiful stats

Version 1.0.0 is out. (Hopefully) a lot more to come.

  • Get it from
  • Download the latest release from GitHub
  • For the adventurous, get the development version from the current repository here

The development blog is maintained here, if that's something you care for.