A mini python framework that 'just' works! Intended to work as a CGI application for blazing speed development.
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A mini python MVC framework that 'just' works! Intended to work as a CGI application for blazing speed development (esp. during Hackathons).

Why this?

I wrote this framework in 4 hours because there was a hackathon going on and I didn't want to waste my crucial time downloading, installing and learning a new framework for building my app. All I needed was a few things from my framework:

  • URL handling : Know which URL makes sense, which doesn't and how to deal with them in a graceful manner.
  • Controllers launching : When to launch which controller to do the job the user is asking for.
  • Template engine : Because I hate writing HTML code within Python code, or within any business logic code for that matter.
  • Output rendering : Take care of the response data format - HTML, JSON, or whatever. And other HTTP header stuff like cache-control, etc
  • index.py : Something that sums up all of this - Parse the URL, calls the controller, load the template, push the controller data into the template, and render to the user.

The framework doesn't have a Model wrapper around the database, so I should rather call this just a 'VC' framework. I apparently realized writing direct SQL queries is way faster than using sql objects when time is a bigger constraint than scalability.

Anyways, the good part is there's no installation required as it is intended to work as a CGI bin application. So you don't have to restart your Apache everytime you make a code change in the controller. Simply copy paste the code into you CGI-BIN folder, (assuming you have that enabled) and you can directly get to writing the business logic code in Python to quickly build your app.

PS : I am not allowed to share the source code of the App which I built using this framework, but I have added a sample Hello World page. :)

Didn't Work ?

Well most probably there's 1 and only 1 reason. Your python or apache configuration sucks. To fix it:

  • Make sure you install or re-install python on your system, along with Apache.
  • Add this into your apache config file to make cgi-bin work with python interpreter:

=== <Directory ""> AllowOverride All Options +ExecCGI -MultiViews +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch Order allow,deny Allow from all AddHandler cgi-script .py # tell Apache to handle every file with .py suffix as a cgi program AddHandler default-handler .html .htm # tell Apache to handle HTML files in regular way

  • Better if you can also create a Virtual Host for that directory.