A simple and fast multiuser content management system to organize collaborative web-content. This CMS allows very fine user&group permissions, generating pages like articles, forms, quizzes, forums, etc, search powered by sphider.
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Pragyan CMS is a multi-user, modular Content Management System (CMS) to organize & facilitate collaborative content creation & updation on a website and its administration. It is written completely in PHP and supports MySQL databases. It has a strong custom inbuilt framework with independent components like templates, modules and widgets. It comes pre-packaged with a large number of modules like article, form, quiz, forum, gallery, book, news, poll, etc, widgets like image slider, facebook plugins, page hits counter, news flash etc and third-party plugins like PDF converter, google maps, sphider search engine, etc. It also provides tools to organize and manage permissions for users and groups. There are a lot more features which you’ll come to know as you read further !



  • Multi-user open source content management system
  • Facilitate collaborative content creation and updation from the web
  • Quickly create articles, galleries, registration forms or host time-constrained quizzes and polls, or create news feed
  • Powerful search engine powered by Sphider
  • In situ page editing i.e. no separate administrator interface
  • Allow user discussion on every article by allowing comments


  • Integrated with latest CkEditor v3.5 for easy editing of pages from the web
  • Manage page revisions, and revert back to any old revision
  • Save draft copies of pages and edit them later as per your convenience and then publish
  • Censor abusive words in articles, comments and forum posts
  • Choose from a number of pre-installed widgets and configure them as per your needs
  • Copy or move page to a different path swiftly


  • Handy tools to manage permissions for groups and users
  • Use captcha (without internet) or ReCaptcha (with internet) for avoiding spam registrations
  • Easily convert email IDs into images to save it from spamming bots
  • Built-in security and protection against hacking attempts ( like XSS and Injections )
  • Secure login via OpenID
  • Blacklist domains to avoid users from registering via those domains


  • Associate icons with every page using icons management
  • Have page-specific templates so every page can have its own template
  • Pick from 3 different kind of menus - Classic, Complete and Multi-depth, as per your template needs
  • Template installation module comes with compatibility check and reports what’s missing


  • Easily convert pages into PDF
  • Easily add Google Maps in your pages
  • Latex plugin to convert text into images to avoid scanning via bots
  • Automatic notification of forms with nearby deadlines

Easy Administration

  • Send mass emails to site registrants
  • Easily install new modules, widgets or templates using the module, widget and template management tools
  • Edit the website registration form and user profile information fields as per your needs
  • Find out who has permissions to do what in the website and revoke them if you wish
  • Don’t have direct access to database from web? Use CMS to browse the tables directly