Move tickets from Trac to Github as issues using the Trac report CSV. Works even for Sourceforge Trac.
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Usage : 1) Update tragit.conf with your repo details
        2) >python

Tragit is a python tool to move tickets from TRAC to Github Issues conveniently.
It uses the Github API v3 and hence supports extra features which are not available in v2 API.
For e.g., an assigned ticket in TRAC is reassigned to the corresponding Github username automatically. This wasn't possible in API v2.

The best part is, it only needs the TRAC-generated CSV file and doesn't need access to the database. So its possible to move tickets from Sourceforge TRAC to Github. 

The CSV file can be generated via the link 'comma-separated text' which is present in the bottom of every report of TRAC.
For best results, please generate the CSV file using a custom report with the following TRAC query :

id AS ticket, component, summary, t.priority AS priority, resolution, severity, t.type AS type, 
status, owner, reporter,cc,version, milestone, time AS created, description AS _description, keywords
FROM ticket t
LEFT JOIN enum p ON = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority'
ORDER BY id DESC, CAST(p.value AS signed), milestone, t.type, time

But you can have your own custom queries, just in that case you'll have to modify tragit.conf [issue] section which is basically a map from Github Issue attribute to its equivalent Trac parameter. The Trac parameter (on the right side of the assignment operator) must be present in the field of your SELECT query. If its not there, then better keep that parameter blank in the configuration file and Tragit will ignore it.