Using Google API search Books and using amazon to buy those books.
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Using Google API search Books and using amazon buy those books.

A) Requirements - top

Google Account (for google API) Amazon ID(optional)

B) Installation - top

The installation of this web application is very simple and straightforward, please follow these steps to successfully install the application

Extract the zipped source code of the web application.

Using your FTP application of choice, upload the extracted contents of the zipped file to the location in your server where you wish to host the application.

Give config.php file in admin folder file permission of 777 (Necessary)

Access the URL in which the application was uploaded i.e: “”.

Login to admin panel by clicking on ‘admin’ in header or by entering the url ‘’ and enter the details.

Once entered the details you are good to go.

C) Admin Panel - top


Click the admin link in the header to log in to the admin panel of the application. Default username is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘admin’ and can be changed after logging in to the admin panel.

Google API You will have to create a google account in order to obtain Google API Key. Once created account just login to it and follow these simple steps to obtain the key.

Enter the following address in the address bar of your browser (you are advised to be logged in to you google account before proceeding.) '’ and click on the ‘create project’ button.

Click on ‘services’(highlighted pink region) in the sidebar and look for the Books API (highlighted green region) in the services list. Click on the activate button to activate the books API service.

After Activating the Google Books API, click on the ‘API Access’ (highlighted pink region) in the sidebar and look for the API key (highlighted blue region). Copy the API key and paste it into the ‘Enter Google API Key’ field in the admin panel of the application.

After entering and updating the API key in the admin panel you are ready to use the web application

Please note that if you are happy with this project you can buy it at Which is advanced version with categories Option.

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