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P2P collaborative editing with encrypted data transfer between peers.
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Gutenberg Collaborative Editing Plugin

Based on WebRTC


npm install


npm run build

Local Server

npm start


npm test

Starting App

Peer starting collaboration has to generate a uuid using

var grtcID = GRTC.uuid(); // static function

After that pass that to GRTC module

window.history.pushState('', '', '#' + grtcID); // optional to add to url so can share with others.
var grtc = new GRTC(grtcID, window.location.origin,  true); // 3rd param is transport layer for encrypted session.

Peer not starting collaboration has to join and get that grtcID somehow possibly by sharing url



  • 'peerFound'
  • Checked via long polling to /get/grtcID route to server
grtc.on('peerFound', function(peer){
  // peer => peer signal used for connection establishment
  • 'peerSignal'
  • Received from other peer as offer.
grtc.on('peerSignal', function(signal){
  // signal => signal that is received from another peer.
  • 'peerConnected'
  • Emitted after peerSignal and connection is established.
grtc.on('peerConnected', function(){
  // peer is connected.
  • 'peerData'
  • when data is received.
grtc.on('peerData', function(data){
  //data is always json stringified

Miscellaneous Events

  • 'publicKey'
  • when other peer publicKey is fetched.
grtc.on('publicKey', function(pubKey){
  //pubKey => encrypt shared token using this and send that to peer.
  • 'peerSecret'
  • when you received secret encrypted using your public key
grtc.on('peerSecret', function(secret){
  //secret => its decrypted using your private key.
  • 'secretAck'
  • this is ack when peer reply to initiator that secret is received.
grtc.on('secretAck', function(){
  • 'transport'
  • this is emitted on both initiator and peers that transport layer is ready to use.
grtc.on('transport', function(){
  // you can call grtc.secureSend('something') function

Data Format

Payload should always be JSON object which can be sent directly using grtc.send without stringify

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