Machine Learning with JavaScript. Fast and Simple. 🚀
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Machine Learning with JavaScript 🚀

You don't need Python to train your own models and perform Machine Learning.

This repository is linked to a series I have been writing about on, regarding ML in JS.

Machine Learning with Javascript : Part 1

Repository Info

The repository is organized as follows:

  1. Linear Regression | linear-regression
  2. k Nearest Neighbors | knn

Get started

  1. Clone this repo, or fork it and clone your own copy.
  2. Run npm install or yarn inside the repository to download the required node_modules.

That's it.

Run the following command to run your model.

$ node index.js

Tweak certain things inside index.js and run again. Awesome, eh? 🎉


If you have an idea for this repository, or if you want to contribute to this series, please open a Pull Request. I await your shenanigans. 😆