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💿 Music Suggester Web Application (Front End Side)
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SpotLit-Front End

Hello and Welcome Developers, As you may know, SpotLit is a web application created to find good music using the Spotify API and created with Python Spotipy Library and Flask Microframework.

On the Front End side of things, we decided to use bootstrap and mimic what an app on your phone would look like on a browser. Right now, you can contribute along with us to create a suitable web app design that fits SpotLit's goal and balance in terms of UI and UX all together.

Get Started!

First you need to clone this Github Repository

~ git clone

Then make sure you go to the directory and install the requirements using pip and Python3

~ cd spotlit-frontend
~ pip install -r requirements.txt

Requiremts are all set and done. Now just start the project using Python3

~ python3

Open up your browser and enter


Design Goals

Our goal is simple in the Front End side. That is too mimic the aesthetics of a phone application that works on most browsers and still contain the easiness of use for users.

We can achieve this by balancing the two key component of an application and that is the User Interface and the User Experience.

What We Want To Achieve

  • Fast to load content
  • Works well on both phone and desktop
  • Fluid and Responsive Web Design
  • Improve User Experience on iPhone
  • Improve User Experience on Android
  • Works on all browsers (old and new possibly)
  • More To Be Added


  • Abhishta Gatya - Initial Work

All Contributors and Donators will be put here and on the website's developer page (WIP)


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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