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πŸ“š A terminal wiki for file types and extensions
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A Terminal Wiki for file types and extensions

"Know more about the files on your computers!"

Example :

$ typedef
"Markdown Documentation(.md)"
"John Gruber"
"Developer Files"
"An MD file is a text file created using one of several possible dialects of the Markdown language..."

It will get all the information about the file (name, developer, type, description)

Need It? Install It!


  • jq JSON Processor
  • lynx Terminal Browser
$ sudo apt install jq && sudo apt install lynx

Install the Script

$ wget
$ sudo install -Dm 755 typedef /usr/bin/typedef

Time to check it out!

typeDef has a couple of options to retrieve data from 'extension.json', so make sure you are connected to the Internet for better user experience

Info not enough? Go to web!

$ typedef --web filename.json

This will redirect you to via Lynx browser for full information of the file type.

Want a reliable source? Links!

$ typedef --link filename.jpg

This will give you the link to according to your file type.

Want new feature? Update It!

$ typedef --update

This will update your typedef script and install it to '/usr/bin/typedef'

Stuck? Show Help!

$ typedef --help

More features are going to be added to make the program better for use!


Access our 'extension.json'

We rely on you, the users to become a part of our team to build a complete library of file types to make it usable for every file in existent.

If you want to add some new file types to add, please do it in the following format :

"[ext]" : {
  "header" : "[File Name](.ext)",
  "developer" : "[Developer]",
  "category" : "[File Category]",
  "description" : "[Description]"

And of course, feel free to use access our 'extension.json' because it will be updated frequently

Knowledge Sources

We decided to get information of files using because of their vast library of file types and descriptions.

We decided to put little bits of that information into the 'extension.json' because there hasn't been a complete library of file extensions in JSON that is publicly usable (but I could be wrong completely).


  • Abhishta Gatya - Initial Work


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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