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##Overview Developed for HackIllinois Spring 2015, PERKT is a prototype of a security platform that utilizes facial recognition instead of the typical text-based password. Here's the website!

##Usage This script takes a picture with the webcam and first identifies the faces present. Then it takes these faces and compares them to a directory of authorized faces already loaded within the script. If a match is found, the person is authorized and can move on, however, if the person is not authorized then a security system goes off triggering a rapid firing flashlight and a 4X4X4 led cube. There is a website to complement the implementation of this the PERKT security system with a list of the developers and a video tutorial demonstrating its function.

##Modules Included

  • Facial Recogonition software created by Abishek Verma
  • Back-End development done with python by Timothy Ong
  • Website done by Chris Jang
  • Arduino code and Python compliment done by Akshay Ivatury

###Hardware Included

  • Arduino
  • Redboard
  • Servo motor
  • hacked flashlight
  • Proto Board
  • 64 LED's
  • Jumper Cables
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