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A platform sentiment analysis on tweets and visualising it
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Knowing what is the current trend with respect to what people this about a specific topic is actually a great factor to determine the popularirity what it gets. Emolytics gives you a platform to for the same. The search keyword given is used to filter tweets and classified using a supervised classification model running in the background. This classification model requires an initial dataset for the learning purpose.

In the initial prototype for Emolytics, it was made as a simple multi-threading application along with flask, tweepy, sklearn, nltk python libraries for the back-end and Leaflet.js, Bootstrap was used in the frontend. Now I have tried to include redis queue for running background jobs and SQLite with SQLAlchemy for managing databases atleast for the sake of learning about it.

This is now done as a hobby project. And in the future as I get time I would like to build on this.


Copy instance/ to instance/ and change the required variables accordingly.

LOAD_FUNCTION = 'server.dataset.load_dataset' Load the dataset using this function. Return from the function should be a two member tuple - (X, Y). X - List of text(in this case tweet) used for classification Y - List of corresponding class of sentiment

To start the server, run the python script Before starting the server, make it a point to start the redis-server and the redis queue worker using

To-Do and Contribution

There are many things yet to be completed especially the UI. There is many changes that is needed in the NLP-classification part. I also wanted to reduce the dependencies on external libraries.

Any types of suggestions are welcome. :)

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