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Contributing to Abilian Core

Project on GitHub

The project is hosted on GitHub at:

Participation in the development of Abilian is welcome and encouraged, through the various mechanisms provided by GitHub:

License and copyright

The Abilian code is copyrighted by Abilian SAS, a french company.

It is licenced under the LGPL (Lesser General Public License), which means you can reuse the product as a library

If you contribute to Abilian, we ask you to transfer your rights to your contribution to us.

In case you have questions, you're welcome to contact us.

Build Status

We give a great deal of care to the quality of our software, and try to use all the tools that are at our disposal to make it rock-solid.

This includes:

  • Having an exhaustive test suite.
  • Using continuous integration (CI) servers to run the test suite on every commit.
  • Running tests.
  • Using our products daily.

You can check the build status:

You can also check the coverage reports:


We're now using setuptools_scm to manage version numbers.

It comes with some conventions on its own when it comes to releasing.

Here's what you should do to make a new release on PyPI:

  1. Check that the CHANGES.rst file is correct.
  2. Commit.
  3. Tag (ex: git tag 0.3.0), using numbers that are consistent with semantic versionning.
  4. Run python sdist upload.