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OlaPy, an experimental OLAP engine based on Pandas
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OlaPy, an experimental OLAP engine based on Pandas


OlaPy is an OLAP engine based on Python, which gives you a set of tools for the development of reporting and analytical applications, multidimensional analysis, and browsing of aggregated data with MDX and XMLA support.



This project is currently a research prototype, not suited for production use.


This project is currently licenced under the LGPL v3 licence.


Install from PyPI

You can install it directly from the Python Package Index:

pip install olapy

Install from Github

The project sources are stored in Github repository.

Download from Github:

git clone git://

To set up the application, run, ideally in a virtualenv:

cd olapy
python install

or just:

pip install -e .


you can use Spark instead of Pandas, to do so, you need just to install it:

pip install pyspark

and if you want to go back to pandas just uninstall spark with:

pip uninstall pyspark


Before running OlaPy, you need to initialize it with:

olapy init

and then you can run the server with:

olapy runserver

and then from excel, open new spreadsheet and go to : Data -> From Other Sources -> From Analysis Services and use as server name and click next, then you can chose one of default olapy demo cubes (sales, foodmart...) and finish.

that's it ! now you can play with data


This project must adhere to the Abilian Developer Guide.

Pull requests are welcome.


To run tests, run:

pytest tests

or simply (on Unix-like systems):

make test


This project is developed by Abilian SAS and partially funded by the French Government through the Wendelin project and the Investissement d'avenir programme.

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