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An emacs extension for using the codesearch sourcecode indexer.
Emacs Lisp
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This extension allows you to use the codesearch code indexing system in emacs.

For more details, see the project page.

For more details on codesearch, see its project page.


The easy way to install codesearch is using the emacs package system. Just search melpa for "codesearch".

Or you can do it manually. Copy codesearch.el to some location in your emacs load path. Then add (require 'codesearch) to your emacs initialization (.emacs, init.el, or something).

Example config:

(require 'codesearch)


You need to add files to the index with codesearch-build-index (or you can do this outside of emacs with cindex, of course.) Then search for what you want in your index:

;; First import the package.
(require 'codesearch)

;; Index all of the code in your project.
(codesearch-build-index "/path/to/project")

;; Look for instances of llama jousting in your haskell source
;; files (as one does.) This will display the results as in a new
;; window. You can click the results to go to the matches.
(codesearch-search "Llama.*jousting" "*.hs")

More commonly, you want to bind codesearch-search to some useful keybinding, like M-.:

(global-set-key "\M-." 'codesearch-search)

There's more to codesearch, but not much. Just scan the source to see what else it can do.

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