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A rough introduction to emacs lisp
Emacs Lisp
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A rough intro elisp

This is an outline-presentation-mode slideshow introducing emacs lisp.

To get the most from this talk you should have a fairly up-to-date version of emacs with you, preferrably GNU emacs which you can get here. The latest stable version at the time of writing was 24.3, so get that unless you have good reason not to.

I don't expect the audience to be particulary proficient in emacs, but you should probably know how to do basic things like open files, save files, etc. I'm happy (and fully expect) to take questions as they come from participants, so don't worry if you think you're not skilled enough in emacs. The point of this talk is really to get you excited about emacs, orient you a bit, and give you the push to go learn more!

External projects

A few projects are referenced in this talk:

You don't need to have these locally for the talk, but it might be worthwhile afterward.


In case you're curious about such things, this presentation is done in outline-presentation-mode.

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