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Flycheck integration for the vale natural language linter
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This package provides flycheck integration for vale. Flycheck is an Emacs system for on-the-fly syntax checking. Vale is a natural language linter. So with flycheck-vale you get on-the-fly natural language linting.

Right now flycheck-vale is very new and unpolished. Ideas, PRs, etc. are welcome!


Install flycheck-vale from MELPA using package-install or something equivalent.

To use flycheck-vale just require it and run flycheck-vale-setup:

(require 'flycheck-vale)

Dis/enabling flycheck-vale for specific buffers

The buffer-local variable flycheck-vale-enabled allows you to enabled or disable vale linting for specific buffers. If this variable is t then vale linting will be performed (assuming you've got flycheck-mode enabled, etc.) Likewise, if it is nil then vale linting will never be performed.

You can use flycheck-vale-toggle-enabled to toggle this variable between t and nil. (And of course you can set it other ways if you want.) By default the variable is t.

Enabling flycheck-vale for new modes

By default flycheck-vale will only be enabled for the modes in flycheck-vale-modes (currently text-mode, markdown-mode, rst-mode, and org-mode). To enable it for some other mode, use the function flycheck-add-mode. If you think that this mode should be supported by flycheck-vale by default, bring it up in an issue.

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