Host access abstractions for ClojureScript
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A set of host abstractions mimicking similar facilities available in Clojure for I/O, shell access, etc., along with mechanisms to bind the abstractions to host-specific implementations.

Architectural Design

  1. Use a dynamic variable that is referenced throughout the library. This holds the host implementations and makes using them straightforward
  2. Define Protocols for Reading/Writing/Streaming
  3. Define a Bindings protocol for creating and interacting with the host implementation to construct the records that implement the R/W/S protocols from #2
  4. Define helper functions to tie into the host implementation


See the examples directory in the Node bindings implementation.

$ lumo -qc abio.jar:abio-node.jar
cljs.user=> (require 'abio.core '[ :as io] 'abio.node)
cljs.user=> (abio.core/set-bindings! (abio.node/bindings))
cljs.user=> (def users-dir (io/as-file "/Users"))
cljs.user=> users-dir{:path "/Users"}
cljs.user=> (io/directory? users-dir)
cljs.user=> (io/directory? "/etc/hosts")
cljs.user=> (def r (io/reader "/usr/share/dict/words" :encoding "UTF8"))
cljs.user=> (take 8 (io/line-seq r))
("A" "a" "aa" "aal" "aalii" "aam" "Aani" "aardvark")


Copyright © 2017 abiocljs and Contributors

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.