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A bunch of plugins that ease development for front-end designers with little or no JavaScript or jQuery knowledge.
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jQuery Plugins

Notice: I plan on breaking each of the plugins in this repository into their own repository in the near future.

These jQuery plugins have been created to ease the pain that some front-end designers feel when they're trying to implement basic features with little or no JavaScript or jQuery experience.

I plan to add plugins to this repository over time that only require HTML code, data-* attributes, and the inclusion of the script in question, following the same kind of principles as the Twitter Bootstrap extensions, in so far that no coding experience should be required in order to make things work.

I shall improve this README file as time goes by.


Carousel takes simple HTML- and CSS-only carousels and progressively enhances them with features such as page lists, scrolling, class-toggling, timers, timer offsets as well as touch and keyboard events. By following a basic HTML pattern and using some basic CSS, your carousels will also work, to a degree, without JavaScript enabled.

Head to the Carousel folder or visit the examples page for more information.


ClassToggle toggles, on a target element, a single class on and off or between two classes.

Head to the ClassToggle folder or visit the examples page for more information.

Google Analytics Helper

The Google Analytics helper offers an easy way to track events and pageviews using data attributes.

Head to the GAHelper folder or visit the examples page for more information.


SnapSlider enhances scrolling galleries with the ability to snap to the nearest child element boundary. It also enables paging, page lists and experimental zoom functions. You can view the SnapSlider repository or example page for more information.

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