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BitShares Core Development Worker Proposal (1.14.66)

Author: Abit


I've been contributing to BitShares development for a long time, mostly worked on the back-end (bitshares-core repository). Now I feel it's important for BitShares to show to outside that I'm hired and will be continuously contributing but not a random contributor.


I've created an account abit-worker (ID "1.2.459901"). The account will be changed to trusted community escrow multi-sig (3/4) schema with these members (subject to change so far):

  • abit (me)
  • xeroc
  • bitcrab
  • bhuz

I've created a worker "Abit - Core Developer - 201712~201803" (ID "1.14.66").

The worker will mainly focus on the bitshares-core repository, tasks include:

  • code review
  • bug fix
  • new feature development
  • documentation
  • mentoring
  • coordination

Duration and Pay

This proposal will last for 4 months, start from 1st December 2017.

One-time cost reimbursement:

  • Worker account lifetime fee: 1456.76103 * 20% = 291.35220 BTS
  • Worker creation fee: 606.98376 * 20% = 121.39675 BTS

Monthly pay:

  • $2,000 per month, as 20 hours per month * $100 per hour

USD payment will be in bitUSD with method developed by @xeroc (link):

  • 12.36 BTS/bitUSD = settlement price of bitUSD at the moment of writting (2017-11-12)
  • 2.5 = multiplier to cover market fluctuations and borrow at 2.5x collateral if needed
  • 2000 usd/month * 12.36 bts/usd * 2.5 = 61800 BTS/month
  • 61800 / 30 = 2060 BTS/day

Note: I will be receiving 2000 bitUSD per month, but not really 2060 BTS per day. The multi-sig scheme in worker account abit-worker will only send the correct exact amount of funds to me. Rest of BTS will be burned back to the chain at a proper time.