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Abi Travers

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"

I was drawn to software development while working on a commercial graduate scheme at UKPower Networks. I wanted to write software to reduce human error when working with large data sets and make my team more efficient and effective. I found my love for crafting technology products while working as a growth hacker in agile tech start-ups. I wanted to work together with the tech team to improve and develop the tools we had, instead of just passing on requests. I created my own website at weekends, sparking my passion for the web:

The moment I started programming I feel in love with the continuous feedback, reflection and improvement cycle it allowed. I got such a satisfactory feeling from a test passing or a working function. The moment I started pair programming I realised just how powerful two connected minds working on a problem in sync was.
From then onwards this was my passion and the way I wanted to work in the future.

I have repeatedly demonstrated my ability to teach myself new skills and then excel in adapting to any situation and in turn, passing my learning on to others. I have developed and enhanced these partnered learning skills from my early progression in UKPower Networks from the Graduate Scheme into the Commercial Disputes Team, then in leading the New Graduate Team. With more freedom to explore, working in growth hacking my shared learning passion helped lead the direction of the team, including hiring new members and expanding the business. I love to share new skills I learn, so thrive when I am around other passionate people.

I enjoy working in challenging environments and developing or learning from others. For this reason I have chosen a career in software development with its continuous problems and infinite depth of learning.


Project Summary Technologies Testing
1. Rock Paper Scissors: Part One (Github) Part Two (Github) Three weeks into coding at Makers academy I attempted this challenge after having spent the week prior to it learning the technologies involved. Two months in, I re-visited it to see how much I had improved. Ruby, Sinatra RSpec
3. Marryo-land: (Github) A re-make of Super Mario Land. The similarity is uncanny. JavaScript, HTML5 Jasmine, Mocha
4. Driftrock: (Github) Command line app which interacts with a public API and allows a user to query marketing data. COMPLETED POST MAKERS. Ruby, JSON API RSpec
5. Quark: (Github) A text editor tailored for those who write code. Used as a desktop or web app it interacts with your local file system and automatically formats the code you are writing based on the language you are using. Electron, Javascript, Node JS, CSS, HTML Spectron


Fast Self-Taught Learner Who Thrives Under Pressure


  • Arrived in Vietnam with no contacts or experience in marketing. Secured a position and then progressed to playing a key role in leading the growth of the company.

  • Organised monthly talks where each member of the team could teach others something about what they were working on/learning.

  • Upon arrival this start-up averaged 0-2 customers per month which increased to 5-7 per month on exit. This secured an investment of $100,000 for a 10% stake in the product.

  • To close my skill gap, I taught myself marketing then created the growth strategy (which was later used to secure the investment). Helped put together the marketing team & create business processes. I managed other team members. I did all of this with no prior experience.

  • Taught myself and implemented lean start-up methodology; rapid experimentation followed by careful analysis to inform the next steps. This was used for both the product and growth marketing of it.

Excellent Communicator

I have a proven ability to effectively communicate with all-types of people:

  • At the Energy Institute I worked directly with ex CEOs, CTOs and C-suite management of large oil and gas companies (including BP and Exxon) to assemble co-written papers to influence government policies.

  • At UK Power Networks I worked with internal C-suite management and contracting companies (such as Morgan Sindall, ABA) to negotiate significant cost savings, reducing project costs from £12m to £7.8m on one project.

  • My greatest achievement was persuading the CEO, despite a pay and hire freeze, to offer Master’s degree courses to other graduates to support their enhanced development.

  • I was the only English speaker and non-developer while leading the growth at a Vietnamese start-up.

  • Wrote ad copy in both of the tech start-ups I worked at. Created the blog for Inspitrip where as well as writing my own post (one of which increased our website traffic from 10 per month to 10,000 in 2 days) I edited and quality-controlled all the other writers.

Additional Skills & Qualifications

  • Photoshop and Illustrate (self-taught). Used to create adverts and landing pages for clients while at Growth Hacking Asia and Lebrun Black consulting.

  • Prince 2 Project Management – Practitioner Award.


Makers Academy (July - October 2017)

Europe’s most selective software development bootcamp.

Sixteen weeks to discover for yourself you’re most effective; problem solving, debugging, design and development techniques.

Makers is an agile environment which aims to produce self-sufficient developers who can apply their techniques to any situation.

I am an external thinker, so talking or writing through things helps me understand: Take a look at some of the time i turned to writing online: [].

  • Version control with Git and Github
  • Pair programming
  • TDD, BDD, DRY, SOLID and MVC (and more acronyms)
  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Object­-oriented programming
  • Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular.js
  • Test Driven Development: Rspec, Capybara, Jasmine, Jest, Mocha, Zombie, Chai

Manchester University (September 2008 - September 2012)

International Development MA - Merit

  • Worked for the Ugandan government to create and deliver a self-lead project on tax reform (Distinction).
  • Economic modelling module (Distinction).

Geography BSc - 2:1

  • Environmental economic analysis (First).

Recent Experience

LeBrun Black (May 2017 - Present)
Founder & Blog Editor

Online marketing consultant. Implemented A/B testing and agile methodology for clients, ranging from large multinationals to personal consulting.

Growth Hacking Asia (Jan - May 2017)
Growth Marketing Consultant (Indonesia)

Consulted on and implemented the application of lean and agile methodology to growth marketing. Experience with HTML, CSS and WordPress. Working for and within tech teams.

Inspitrip & Inspilab (May 2016 - Jan 2017)
Growth Hacker (Vietnam)

Progressed from marketing intern to leading the Growth of Inspitrip, a Tech start-up. Implemented XP values.

UK Power Networks (Sept 2013 – April 2016 )

  • Commercial Graduate Leadership Scheme (Commercial Analyst and Negotiator)(London) *

Project managed many multi-million pound projects consistently delivering at least 7% reduction in costs. This included analysing and drawing sound conclusions from large cost datasets. Took the initiative to develop processes which are still in place for over 5 multi-million pound contracts.

Energy Institute (Sept 2012 – Sept 2013 )

  • Technical Officer (London)*

Hobbies and Interests

  • **Cycling and Yoga **
  • Photography At its height my photography Instagram account had over 14k real followers and was achieving an engagement rate of 25-30% which is 21-26% above industry standard. It was well known within the community and I used it as a way to engage local photographers, tell their story, and start cultural discussions. It was featured at the Official Vietnamese Tourism launch.
  • Tech Conferences and Collaboration Attended and presented at conferences in Vietnam and Indonesia including the founder’s meetup in Vietnam.