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As an add-on for Skybrud.Social, Skybrud.Social.Twitter helps you with both authentication as well as raw and object-oriented communication with the Twitter API.


This package is currently in beta, which primarily means that it is still under development. This may lead to breaking changes between each beta release.

If you're looking for a stable release, you can use the older [Skybrud.Social)[] instead, which includes support for the Twitter API.


You can download this package from either NuGet (recommended) or download a ZIP file with the neccessary files from here on GitHub:

  1. NuGet Package
    Install this NuGet package in your Visual Studio project. Makes updating easy.

  2. ZIP file
    Grab a ZIP file of the latest release; unzip and move the files to the bin directory of your project.


  • Skybrud.Social.Core
    A package with common logic used throughout the Skybrud.Social packages.

    • Json.NET
      Used for searializing/deserializing JSON.

    • Skybrud.Essentials
      A package with logic for handling various common tasks in .NET.

Found a bug? Have a question?


The releases page lists all releases, and each there will be some information for each release on the most significant changes.


You can find documentation and examples on how to use this package at the Skybrud.Social website. The package isn't yet fully documented, so feel free to create an issue if I've missed something.