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Download, extract, validate, and repack Pebble PBW files.
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Download, extract, validate, and repack Pebble PBW files.

Current Status

Very, very hacky pre-alpha. Quite a bit of copy/paste since I wanted to get something up and running ASAP.

Given that the watchface SDK is now promised for mid-April 2013 I'm focusing on other projects for now.

Overview will download all available watchfaces in to your current directory. will extract a given PBW in to a new directory. This is called an "app directory" below. will extract the current app directory's resources in to separate files. Currently only supports "png" resources. will do some basic sanity checking of the app resources - that is to say format of headers and CRCs of data - inside an app directory. will render a given image file. will invert-in-place a given image file or set of files. No type checks or other safeties - be careful. Running it a second time will perfectly undo the inversion. will attempt to rebuild-in-place a given pbpack - as a safety measure, it reads from "app-resources.pbpack.backup" and writes to "app-resources.pbpack" - again, no other safeties. Some of the necessary magic is missing here - changing any of the component images breaks the app. will update the manifest and rebuild a PBW from the current app directory. It will successfully rebuild untouched apps. is still WIP.

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