A graticule for Leaflet maps in the L.CRS.Simple coordinate system
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A graticule for maps in Leaflet's L.CRS.Simple coordinate system. Code inspiration came from Jan Pieter Waagmeester's fantastic Leaflet.Grid for world projections. It is very similar in nature but assumes an infinite flat plane.


Adding L.SimpleGraticule:

var options = {interval: 20,
               showOriginLabel: true,
               redraw: 'move',
               zoomIntervals: [
                {start: 0, end: 3, interval: 50},
                {start: 4, end: 5, interval: 5},
                {start: 6, end: 20, interval: 1}



  • interval: The spacing in map units between horizontal and vertical lines.
  • showOriginLabel: true Whether or not to show '(0,0)' at the origin.
  • redraw: on which map event to redraw the graticule. On move is default but moveend can be smoother.
  • zoomIntervals: use different intervals in different zoom levels. If not specified, all zoom levels use value in interval option.


  • This is my first open source contribution. I appreciate feedback on any topics!