Adam's Web Tools: Things I use on the web to build and test things on the web.
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##Adam's Web Tools

This is a collection of tools & links on the web to get 'web stuff' done as easily as possible; Save it as either a bookmark or home page.

The tools and UI are enhanced with javascript - if you're that guy in a tinfoil hat who doesn't run javascript by default you should enable it for this page.

If you notice that something awesome isn't listed here and should be, please contact me and I will review it for inclusion.

###About this project

  • Must remain single document to maximize portability (external assets may be included via CDN)
  • Must be easily useable from any device.
  • Links and tools must be organized in a way that saves time over simply searching for resources.
  • All tools linked to must be freely available on the web (not necessarily open-source) and truly useful for some aspect web development.