An improved mediaelement module for Drupal 7
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A better mediaelement for Drupal 7

This module is started as a fork of the mediaelement module for Drupal 7 but ended up creating/implementing an improved mediaelement library instead to provide greater functionality and performance. The module provides deeper integration with drupal and expands control in several key areas to provide some super-useful features not found in the mediaelement project on

  • Simple integration with 3rd party media providers (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

  • Player skin selection.

  • autoplay, preload, and loop media attributes.

  • i18n integration with drupal.

  • ~20% smaller player filesize.

Installation and Usage

  1. Download/git the improved mediaelement library and extract to $base_url/sites/all/libraries/imediaelement
  • Optional Extend mediaelement.js by uncommenting features in the grunt/concat task, or edit the /src/ assets, and rebuild the script.
    • cd path/to/imediaelement
    • npm install : installs grunt & tasks.
    • grunt : compiles all /src/ assets to /local-build/.
    • grunt build : copies the /local-build/ to /build/.
  1. Download/git the imediaelement module and extract to $base_url/sites/$site/modules/imediaelement

  2. Enable the module.

Configure global settings

Select the player skin and sitewide use options that make you happy: $base_url/admin/config/media/imediaelement

Configure content fields

Add fields : Your content type should include some type of media that can be displayed as a mediaelement.

  • File : media hosted on your web server.

  • Link : media hosted on another domain, i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

  • Image [optional] : image fields can be set as the poster image for a mediaelement player.


Manage Display: Set the Format to MediaElement Audio or MediaElement Video

  • The Format settings allow you to manage attributes specific to the mediaelement as it is being used in that instance. i.e. A content type's field display, panels, views, etc. can independently set the mediaelement width, height, autoplay, etc.

  • To use an image field as a poster image, select the image field to be used and the desired image style in the MediaElement format settings.


3rd Party Sources

Streaming media from 3rd party sources is accomplished by adding a link field displayed as Mediaelement Audio/Video. Youtube & Vimeo are explicitly supported, though other providers may also be used as long as they provide public file access.

The link may reference either the Embed ( or Share ( source.

It's best to use protocol agnostic (// links, although that isn't a requirement.

Player Skins