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@@ -6,11 +6,9 @@ Schedule Attributes allows models (ORM agnostic) to accept recurring schedule fo
To use, include the `ScheduleAttributes` module in your model class.
-class SomeModel
- include ScheduleAttributes
+ class SomeModel
+ include ScheduleAttributes
+ end
Your model must respond to `:schedule_yaml` and `:schedule_yaml=`, because ScheduleAttributes will serialize and deserialize the schedule in YAML using this column. If you are using ActiveRecord, make a string column called `schedule_yaml`. If you're using Mongoid, make a string field like so: `field :schedule_yaml`.
@@ -22,9 +20,7 @@ Accepts form a parameter hash that represent a schedule, and creates an `IceCube
-@event.schedule_attributes = params[:event][:schedule_attributes]
+ @event.schedule_attributes = params[:event][:schedule_attributes]
### Parameters Accepted

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