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Javascript Modules for ableneo projects
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Javascript Modules monorepo with publishing to

This repo contains packages used at @ableneo with shared configuration for JavaScript/TypeScript tooling.

- eslint-config-ableneo - ESLint configuration with support for TypeScript, Flow and Prettier integration.

- @ableneo/prettier-config - Prettier configuration file.

How to develop

Open terminal in root of the project and run following command that will start styleguide server docz and run watch builds and tests.

yarn run dev

If you just want docz styleguide then run just

yarn run docz:dev

Generating new packages

Npm script will prompt name of the package and generate boilerplate.

yarn generate:package

Use Conventional Commits

The commit message should be structured as follows:

<type>[optional scope]: <description>

[optional body]

[optional footer]

The commit contains the following structural elements, to communicate intent to the consumers of your library:

1.fix: a commit of the type fix patches a bug in your codebase (this correlates with PATCH in semantic versioning).

2.feat: a commit of the type feat introduces a new feature to the codebase (this correlates with MINOR in semantic versioning).

3.BREAKING CHANGE: a commit that has the text BREAKING CHANGE: at the beginning of its optional body or footer section introduces a breaking API change (correlating with MAJOR in semantic versioning). A BREAKING CHANGE can be part of commits of any type.

  • Others: commit types other than fix: and feat: are allowed, for example @commitlint/config-conventional (based on the the Angular convention) recommends chore:, docs:, style:, refactor:, perf:, test:, and others.

Releasing new version

Code that is merged to master will be automatically released by the travis-ci pipeline. New version will be determined by the commit names.

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