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Elite:Dangerous Screenshot Service

A Windows service that (along with a dedicated taskbar UI) automatically converts those disk-chewing .BMP screenshot files into either .JPG or .PNG formats.


Download either a pre-built setup.exe file or, if you're so inclined, the source code from GitHub. The service was created with MS Visual Studio 2013, using .NET 4.5.

Automatic install

Run setup.exe and follow the instructions. You'll be prompted to start the service after the install finishes; if you'd prefer to run this at a later time, browse to Start > All programs > CMDR Lenslok > Elite Dangerous Screenshot Utility and run the EXE found there.

Obviously this will be in a different location if you changed the default install location during installation.

Manual install

Copy both EDScreenshotService.exe and EDScreenshotUI.exe into a new folder, then run EDScreenshotUI.exe.

Please note: the screenshot utility runs as a taskbar application, so this will display as a white E:D icon next to the clock (Windows may decide to auto-hide this; if so, click the arrow next to the visible icons to show the list of running taskbar apps). To view settings, double-click the taskbar icon.

Installing the service

You should now have access to the screenshot service UI (runs as a taskbar icon next to the clock). Before we can start converting bitmaps, we need to ensure a dedicated Windows service is up and running (this is what watches for the bitmaps):

  • Ensure the Screenshot folder is set to the correct location. The app has a stab at setting this atuomatically, but use View to check it looks right or Browse to switch to a different folder.

Note Only bitmaps created within this folder will be processed.

  • Choose your preferred method of what to do with the source .BMP file once it's been converted to .JPG or .PNG (always delete, only delete if it was a 4K screenshot, or never delete)

  • Select your preferred image format (.JPG or .PNG)

  • When converting to .JPG format, the compression / quality tradeoff can be set by tweaking the JPG quality slider.

  • Click Install service. After a brief pause, you should see a "Service running status" of Running. Screenshots generated at this point should now be converted in line with your preferences :)

  • Switching bitmap removal options and / or your preferred image format should be honoured immediately while the service is running.

Please note: changes made to the screenshot folder and / or JPG quality options will only take affect the next time the service is installed (i.e. click Uninstall service then Install service again).


To remove the service:

  • Run the app located under Start > All programs > CMDR Lenslok > Elite Dangerous Screenshot Utility (or EDScreenshotUI.exe if installed manually)
  • Click Uninstall service. After a brief pause, the service installation status should read Not installed
  • Close the Elite Dangerous Screenshot Utility window
  • Navigate to Add and remove programs within the Windows Control panel

On Windows 7 at least, bringing up the Start menu (Ctrl + Esc) and typing remove programs in the search box should show a shortcut to the Add and remove programs control panel pane

  • Look for Elite Dangerous Screenshot Service and right-click once on the row
  • Left-click Uninstall from the menu that appears, then follow the on-screen instructions


This has been a fun little side project to work on, and I've already got a few ideas for improvements - however, the day job and chasing a mini CMDR around the house tends to eat into my time somewhat. If you'd like to have a play with the source code and use it for your own projects and / or suggest improvements, jump right in!

  1. Fork it!
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request :D

Right on, CMDR! o7


  • v1.0 - Coded late 2015, released 9th May 2016
  • v1.1 - user settings now editable in non-admin environments (9th May 2016)


Icons by Marc Grützmacher via the fabulous Noun Project.


Feel free to give me a nudge / drop me a line in-game (I'm on as CMDR Lenslok).


Code released under the MIT license.

TL;DR - you're free to do what you want with it, as long as I'm not held liable :)