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Note - superseded by goimapfilter - see

(c) 2012 Alex Bligh <>. See file for licence.

imapmboxfilter is designed to work around a ridiculous limitation
in Apple Mail. Apple Mail does not support subscriptions for
mailboxes, so if you sync Apple Mail it either syncs every folder
or no folders. For some of us with large mailing list archives
and SSD disks we'd rather not fill with them, or syncing over
slow connections, this is not desirable behaviour.

So imapmboxfilter sets up a proxy imap server (unencrypted,
but the connection to the real server from the proxy can be
encrypted), and allows various mailboxes to be filtered out,
by a sequence of pcre (perl compatabible regexps) specified
on the command line. It runs as a daemon which should be launched
on logon (preferably before Apple Mail).

This sofware was inspired by by written by
Lars Eggert <>, but almost entirely
rewritten bar the daemonize subroutine.

Usage: [options] OMITREGEXP ...

  -s, --ssl                   Use SSL for remote server
  -l, --local ADDR:[PORT]     Use ADDR:PORT to listen on
  -r, --remote ADDR:[PORT]    Use ADDR:PORT as remote server
  -t, --timeout SECS          Use SECS as timeout
  -d, --debug                 Do not fork and print debugging
  -h, --help                  Print this message

OMITREGEXP is a perl regexp matching a mailbox to omit.
Put as many as you like on the command line, but remember

  imapmboxfilter -r 'INBOX\.[omit|archive]\..*'
will omit all folders beneath 'omit' and 'archive'.

SSL is autodetected if a connection is made to port 993.

This software is beta quality. If it breaks you get to keep both