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(c) 2012 Alex Bligh <>

Licensed under the Apache licence - see LICENSE for details

'reflow' reformats mail messages sensibly. It works as a
UNIX pipe, reformatting STDIN to STDOUT, rather like the fmt
command. However, it's designed to intelligently process text,
particularly mail messages, and deal with quoting and indentation.

It can be wired up to any editor, or (on OS-X) to Automator and Services,
to reflow any editable window on a keypress.

Usage: reflow [options] < INFILE > OUTFILE

  -w, --width N               Set width to N (default 76)
  -s, --strip-signature       Strip email signatures
  -q, --quote N               Increase quotation level by N, or
                              decrease quotation level by -N
  -i, --indent N              Increase indent level by 4N, or
                              decrease indent level by -4N
  -m, --max-quote N           Maximum quotation level of N
                              (default 10)
  -y, --min-width N           Minimum text width of N
                              (default 20)
  -h, --help                  Print this message