Sublime Text 3 plugin to insert a character up to a certain column
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Insert to Column

Insert to Column is a simple package that allows you to insert a character (or characters) of your choice up to a certain column on all selected lines.


The recommended way to install this package is through Package Control, but you can also download this repository or the sublime-package file from the latest release and drop it into your Installed Packages folder.


You can bind a key to the command insert_to_column to use the script.


The script takes only two arguments:

  • character_to_insert: optional. A character of your choice to insert. If not supplied, it will ask before continuing.
  • column_index: optional. The column index to insert to. If not supplied, it will ask before continuing.
    • Example: if the cursor is at the beginning of a line, a value of 20 will insert 19 characters and place the cursor at column 20


    "keys": ["ctrl+alt+c"],
    "command": "insert_to_column",
            "character_to_insert": " ",
            "column_index": 20