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This version is incompatible with your previous server list database.

  • Added Profiles feature
  • Can now have multiple servers with the same name
  • Gets update information from instead of
  • Error messages can be copied
  • Changed default install location


  • Can click the URL directly instead of clicking "Open Website" button
  • Changed server list selection colors
  • Removed Open Website button
  • Removed row headers
  • Changed default window size


  • Added star rating control


  • Added star rating control


  • Disable addons list when there are no addons
  • Changed wording
  • Deleted addons do not stay in listbox
  • Resize delete and close buttons
  • No longer shows in the taskbar
  • Filters list instead of selecting relevant item


  • Changed the wording for emptying the server list
  • Removed install type
  • Removed WoW path and realmlist path buttons
  • Moved Options checkboxes into General groupbox
  • Added option for deleting servers with their profile
  • Rearranged backup and restore groupboxes


  • Added form


  • Changed image


  • Added form


  • Removed WoWBeez
  • Removed Divine Cataclysm
  • Removed Epic Games Network
  • Removed Undamed-WoW
  • Fixed link to WoWXL


  • DeleteServer method uses parameters now
  • Moved static variables to Globals class
  • Switched to SQL Server Compact instead of Microsoft Access
  • Removed Debug.Prints
  • Removed gamePath/realmPath settings
  • Put some button sets in table layout panels


  • Bug when attempting to open game folder when path not set
  • Can write to protected locations