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What is this?

This is a repository of educational material suitable for presentations, workshops, or independently-driven self-education focused around audiovisual preservation, broadly defined.

How is this made?

This site was made with Remark.js and Jekyll.

Remark is a slideshow-publishing platform that transforms Markdown files into web-based presentations. It is written in JavaScript.

Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby.

Can I use this?

Yes! This is licensed as CC-BY-SA. That means you are free use this as long as you share your content openly too.

Remark has some shortcuts to keep in mind:

  • Down-arrow, right-arrow, or spacebar will move the slides forward.
  • m will mirror the slides (not very useful?)
  • p will open presentation mode
  • c will open a new tab for presenting (for non-mirrored screens, this is the one you drag up to the big screen)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

How to contribute

I would love to have contributions of content and/or corrections/additions to existing content. If you are familiar with Github and Markdown, you can submit a pull request directly to the presentation in question. If not, you can file an Issue.

How to run this locally:

  1. Clone repository
  2. Navigate to repository
  3. If you don't already have it, gem install bundler
  4. Run bundle
  5. Run bundle exec jekyll serve
  6. Navigate browser to http://localhost:4000


This site was made by me in my spare time. In addition to that, some organizations have inadvertently funded improvements to this site by paying me to come do training, workshops, or course-teaching for them.

I would like to acknowledge the following organizations:

  • Centre National De L’Audiovisuel of Luxembourg
  • New York University (Moving Image Archiving and Preservation)
  • Pratt Institute (School of Information)
  • Tate (Perciles Project)
  • University of South Carolina (Library and Information Science)
  • WGBH (Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship)

By the way, you can also do this! See here for more details on that.


all my knowledge in one place, for teaching/sharing/learning






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