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cats cats cats!

Based on sl and gti, for when you mistype cat in bash!

To install:

  • git clone this directory and cd into the folder.
  • Run make (this kicks off cats.c and builds the file)
  • Run ./cats to test it out!

If you LOVE IT, you can add the command to your global bash settings by running cp cats /usr/local/bin/cats (or wherever your $PATH may be).

         _|::||                |                
      _|::|   |  I Love Cats!  |                
     |::|     |________________|                
                               |        /\**/\
                               |       _( >_> )
                               |  (_//   u--u)  
                                 \==(  ___||)   
                             ,dP /b/=( /P /b\\  
                             |8 || 8\\=== || 8  
                             'b,  ,P  'b,  ,P