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Flynn is an open source Platform as a Service

Flynn is designed to run anything that can run on Linux, not just stateless web apps. Flynn comes with highly available database appliances, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

Eventually we want Flynn to be the only tool developers and ops teams need to develop, deploy, and manage running software.

You can learn more about Flynn at our website.

The Flynn website also has documentation.


Flynn is very actively developed by Prime Directive, Inc. and the Flynn community.

Learn more about Flynn's stability.

Learn more about Flynn's security.

We want to know if you run into any unexpected behavior. Please report issues on this repository after searching to see if anyone has already reported the issue.

Getting Started

Run your own cluster

Flynn includes an installer that supports most major cloud providers.

If you want to setup and run your own Flynn cluster (either locally, on dedicated hardware or using a cloud provider) take a look at the Installation Guide.

Deploying applications

Check out the Flynn Basics guide for instructions on deploying and scaling applications.


We welcome and encourage community contributions to Flynn.

We have specific priorities for development. Pull requests that do not address these priorities may not be accepted.

Please familiarize yourself with the Contribution Guide before contributing.

You can install Flynn development environment and tools by following the Development Guide.

There are many ways to help Flynn besides contributing code:

  • Find bugs and file issues.
  • Improve the documentation and website.

Contact us

We want to hear about any trouble, success, delight, or pain you experience when using Flynn. Let us know by filing an issue, joining the mailing list, joining us in IRC (#flynn on Freenode), or emailing us.

Flynn® is a trademark of Prime Directive, Inc.


A next generation open source platform as a service (PaaS)







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