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A simple mobile app built for iOS using the ably-io realtime library
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Ably iOS mobile demo

Ably is a hugely scalable, superfast and secure hosted real-time messaging service for web-enabled devices. Find out more about Ably.

This iOS demo uses the Ably real-time message service and provides a simple example of how to use the following features:

  • Channels and publishing and subscribing to messages
  • Presence, entering channels and subscribing to presence events
  • Token authentication from a URL

Running the demo on a mobile device or a device emulator

  • Make sure you have Xcode 7.3 or later installed.
  • Make sure you have CocoaPods installed.
  • Open a terminal, navigate to the cloned repository and type pod install to install all dependencies
  • After that, open Xcode and select Open another project.
  • Locate and open demo-ios.xcworkspace.
  • From the top toolbar in Xcode select either one of the provided simulator devices, or a real hardware device.
  • Use the Product -> Run menu to either run or debug the application.
  • Use the app.
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