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### Before you begin
    1. Apache or similar http server is required with CGI enabled. See the (readme_apache)
       in the Help folder on how to setup apache.
    2. Permissions to read/write heyu are required. For example, chmod o+rw /dev/ttyS0 or chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0.
    3. Your httpd web server user needs to read/write to the heyu web interface folder and its files.     
    *  FYI: I tend to update the bash version moreso than the python. 

### heyu_web_interface_(bash)
    1. Once you setup heyu do not start it from terminal, instead let the web browser user start it.
    2. Point your web browser to http://localhost/ to start the bash script
    3. If you're not sure everything is working right check the web server error logs and the system logs.

### heyu_web_interface_(python)
    1. Point your web browser to to start the python cgi
    2. Configuration settings are still being added but you can change some minor features like how fast 
       heyu refreshes by editing
    3. Experimental GTK frontend is included ''.
    4. Crontab frontend is not finished. 
    5. .htaccess file is included to help configure apache