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Appendix A - A Gallery of Applications

This folder includes the accompanying resources for the chatper. For full book details, see:


While the entirety of this book has given a readers a selection of models (mainly in NetLogo) with respect to agent-based modelling more generally and linking such models to real world geographical information. We thought it would be useful for readers to have exposure to agent-based models developed not only with NetLogo but also other toolkits. In this appendix we provide a gallery of applications from a broad section of elds that have been published in the literature or act as exemplars for getting started with agent-based modelling. The criteria for inclusion here is that the source code and data of the model is available and it is based on real world geographical information. In each case we provide a screen shot of the graphical user interface of the model, a short description of the model, its full citation where possible and where the model (and data) can be downloaded from. Our hope is that the models provide readers with exposure to the possibilities of agent-based models and its potential for analysing a wide array of geographical systems and also share their own models and data.

Example Models


If you have any models (along with data) that you would like to contribute to this appendix please let us know.