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Chapter 4 - Building Agent-Based Models with NetLogo

This folder includes the accompanying resources for the chatper. For full book details, see:


This chapter provides an overview of the programming language and concepts that are used within NetLogo. NetLogo basics, such as how to create a simple environment, commands and procedures, are presented with step by step instructions for creating a simple model. Following this basic model, more advanced features are introduced. The overall aim of this chapter is to provide an understanding of the main components that make a NetLogo program. Subsequent chapters build upon the basics presented here.

There are two models available in the Models directory:

  1. first_model.nlogo presents the simple model that the chapter discusses first;

  2. advanced_model.nlogo presents the more complicated model, with grass that can be eaten (see the image below).

A picture of the advanced model

Tutorial / Lecture Slides

The lecture slides for this chapter are available: Chapter4 Lecture Slides.

The tutorial is available, in full, in Chapter 4 of the book.

For full details about the book, see: