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Chapter 7 - Modelling Human Behaviour

This folder includes the accompanying resources for the chatper. For full book details, see:


This chapter explores the most common approaches by which researchers incorporate human behaviour into agent-based models. We explain why it can be necessary to model human behaviour and the main considerations that the researcher needs to be aware of when developing an agent-based model. From this, we present an overview of the two main broad approaches, mathematical and conceptual cognitive models when it comes to modelling human behaviour in agent-based models. We supplement this discussion with two case-studies that provide examples of how these approaches can be implemented, both examples have the model code available that can be downloaded and experimented with. The chapter finishes with a discussion of some of the thorny issues that researchers need to be aware of when attempting to simulate behaviour within agent-based models.

Models Refereced in the Chapter


Click on the image below to see a YouTube movie of the riots model:


References to Models Used