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Chapter 9 - Spatial Statistics

This folder includes the accompanying resources for the chatper. For full book details, see:


This chapter presents a range of statistics and algorithms that can be used to compare two spatial data sets. These are important for modelling because, at some point, it will be necessary to compare a model outcome to some real-world data in order to assess how reliable the model is. This chapter examines the statistics themselves, before Chapter 10 elaborates on how to evaluate the success of a model more broadly, part of which includes making use of the methods discussed here.

Lecture Slides

The lecture slides for this chapter are available here: Chapter9 Lecture Slides. These act as a teaching aid for the chapter (with links to other online resources).

Tutorial and Other resources

There are additional resources in the 'Resources' folder that can be used to perform some of the statistical analyses described in the chapter. These include:

  • An R Markdown tutorial that shows how to do all of the analysis used in the book chapter. This is the file that is used to generate all of the graphs and most of the maps;
  • The ArcMap document that was used to run and display the GI* analysis;
  • The publicly available crime data that are used to create the examples.