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Chapter 12 - Summary and Outlook

This folder includes the accompanying resources for the chatper. For full book details, see:


This chapter reflects on the current state of the art of agent-based models and factors that may shape the future of this discipline. Specifically we discuss the key challenges for developing robust agent-based models of geographical systems as well as potential solutions. We argue that we need to make progress on these challenges if these models are to be used to offer insight into key societal challenges, for example climate change, urban growth and migration.

Models Highlighted in the Chapter

Appendix A8 - Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Relief

Click on the image below to see a YouTube movie of the model:

Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Relief

Appendix A9 - Using Social Media Content To Inform Agent-based Models For Humanitarian Crisis Response

Click on the image below to see a YouTube movie of the model:



CoMSES Net (AKA. OpenABM) has a wealth of models and other great reseouces for agent-based modeling. See

For people wanting to run models in a browser see NetLogo Web ( or Agentscript ( which is loosely based on NetLogo semantics.

For running multiple models together in NetLogo are referred to: