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# inspired by
# get all datamapper related gems (assume sqlite3 to be database)
gem "addressable", :lib => "addressable/uri"
gem "do_sqlite3"
gem 'dm-validations'
gem 'dm-timestamps'
gem "rspec", :lib => false
gem "rspec-rails", :lib => false
gem "datamapper4rail", :lib => 'datamapper4rails' # excuse the typo
rake "gems:install"
# have specs
# install datamapper rake tasks
# fix config files to work with datamapper instead of active_record
run "sed -i config/environment.rb -e 's/#.*config.frameworks.*/config.frameworks -= [ :active_record ]/'"
run "sed -i spec/spec_helper.rb -e 's/^\\s*config[.]/#\\0/'"
run "sed -i test/test_helper.rb -e 's/^[^#]*fixtures/#\\0/'"
# fix a problem with missing class constants for models woth relations
initializer 'preload_models.rb', <<-CODE
require 'datamapper4rails/preload_models'
# set up git
git :init
git :add => '.'
git :commit => "-a -m 'Initial commit'"