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Improve avy-goto-char-timer so that it may read 1 or many chars

Now you can use avy-goto-char-timer and type as many chars as you want
given each char comes before avy-timeout-seconds (and the very first
char is mandatory, i.e., there is no timeout for the first one).
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1 parent ac16227 commit 48aa2cd8287bfdd32614eb251e2609ad103d7809 @tsdh tsdh committed Sep 9, 2015
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  1. +18 −7 avy.el
@@ -1036,19 +1036,30 @@ ARG lines can be used."
(defcustom avy-timeout-seconds 0.5
"How many seconds to wait for the second char.")
+(defun avy--read-string-timer ()
+ "Read as many chars as possible and return them as string.
+At least one char must be read, and then repeatedly one next char
+may be read if it is entered before `avy-timeout-seconds'."
+ (let ((str "") char)
+ (while (setq char (read-char (format "char%s: "
+ (if (string= str "")
+ str
+ (format " (%s)" str)))
+ t
+ (and (not (string= str ""))
+ avy-timeout-seconds)))
+ (setq str (concat str (list char))))
+ str))
(defun avy-goto-char-timer (&optional arg)
- "Read one or two consecutive chars and jump to the first one.
+ "Read one or many consecutive chars and jump to the first one.
The window scope is determined by `avy-all-windows' (ARG negates it)."
(interactive "P")
- (let ((c1 (read-char "char 1: " t))
- (c2 (read-char "char 2: " t avy-timeout-seconds)))
+ (let ((str (avy--read-string-timer)))
(avy-with avy-goto-char-timer
- (regexp-quote
- (if c2
- (string c1 c2)
- (string c1)))
+ (regexp-quote str)

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