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Add comint and named-buffer option

Fixes #20
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1 parent 83f11a9 commit dce3ad86e94932b29aa2cf7bf2bf4b4fe129560c @kwrooijen kwrooijen committed with Aug 6, 2016
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@@ -57,3 +57,14 @@ It is set to `nil` by default.
You can customize executable of make command by changing this variable. Helpful
for implementing remote compiling.
+#### `helm-make-named-buffer`
+When setting helm-make-named-buffer to `t` all make buffers will be named based
+on their make target. e.g. \*Helm-Make all\* for `make all`. This is useful if
+you want to run multiple make targets at the same time.
+#### `helm-make-comint`
+When setting helm-make-comint to `t` helm-make will use Comint mode instead of
+Compilation mode. This is useful if you want to interact with the make buffer.
@@ -85,6 +85,14 @@ You can reset the cache by calling `helm-make-reset-db'."
"When non-nil, don't allow selecting a target that's not on the list."
:type 'boolean)
+(defcustom helm-make-named-buffer nil
+ "When non-nil, name compilation buffer based on make target."
+ :type 'boolean)
+(defcustom helm-make-comint nil
+ "When non-nil, run helm-make in Comint mode instead of Compilation mode."
+ :type 'boolean)
(defvar helm-make-command nil
"Store the make command.")
@@ -97,7 +105,20 @@ An exception is \"GNUmakefile\", only GNU make unterstand it.")
(defun helm--make-action (target)
"Make TARGET."
- (compile (format helm-make-command target)))
+ (let* ((make-command (format helm-make-command target))
+ (compile-buffer (compile make-command helm-make-comint)))
+ (when helm-make-named-buffer
+ (helm--make-rename-buffer compile-buffer target))))
+(defun helm--make-rename-buffer (buffer target)
+ "Rename the compilation BUFFER based on the make TARGET."
+ (let ((buffer-name (format "*compilation (%s)*" target)))
+ (when (get-buffer-window buffer-name)
+ (delete-window (get-buffer-window buffer-name)))
+ (when (get-buffer buffer-name)
+ (kill-buffer buffer-name))
+ (with-current-buffer compile-buffer
+ (rename-buffer buffer-name))))
(defcustom helm-make-completion-method 'helm
"Method to select a candidate from a list of strings."

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