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Matlab-emacs Project:

MATLAB and Emacs integration


Add the following to your .emacs file:

;; Replace path below to be where your matlab.el file is.
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/path/to/matlab-emacs")
(load-library "matlab-load")

;; Enable CEDET feature support for MATLAB code. (Optional)
;; (matlab-cedet-setup)


GNU emacs (sorry Xemacs folks) users (version >=24) can use the package as provided by MELPA. Set

(add-to-list 'package-archives
             '("melpa" . "") t)

And then run M-x package-list-packages


The most recent version of matlab.el is always in GIT.

You can get an old downloader for matlab-emacs from MATLAB File Exchange.

Category: This File

Older versions of matlab.el can be found as matlab.el.1.10.1 for emacsen that do not have the latest additional utilities such as tempo and derived.

matlab.el and mlint.el has shipped on MATLAB CDs starting with 6.5 (R13). Updates after a release of MATLAB will be made to MATLAB Central and announced on the mailing list.

matlab.el and mlint.el will no longer ship on MATLAB CDs starting with MATLAB release R2008b. If you are using a version of MATLAB from before R2008a, you will want to use the version of mlint from that CD.


matlab-emacs is now available via GIT from SourceForge. The CVS repository is still at SourceForge but it is no longer updated.


Project Page:

GIT Repository:

You need a git client on your machine. Then just run

git clone git:// matlab-emacs-src

If you do not have a GIT client on your machine, you can use the MATLAB script dl_emacs_support.m to download a fresh copy of the matlab.el sources.


MATLAB-Emacs can use the CEDET suite for the following items:

  • Modifying the build system (Makefiles, etc)
  • mlint (uses EIEIO object system)
  • parsing/completion (uses semantic parsing system)
    • some template insertion features

    As of Emacs 23.2, CEDET is included in Emacs, and nothing extra is needed to satisfy that dependency.

    For older versions of Emacs:

    See for downloading CEDET.

    If you only want to use matlab.el for editing code or running the MATLAB shell, you DO NOT need to install CEDET.

    If you do want to use CEDET, add the following to your .emacs file:


New Mailing List

A new matlab-emacs-discuss mailing lisit has been created at SourceForge. Use this list to get updates on new releases and discuss topics relivant to the matlab-emacs project.

Old Mailing List

The original mailing list where beta versions of matlab.el were posted, and where comments, questions, bug reports, and answers to questions could be sent. If you were subscribed to this list, please unsubscribe, and subscribe to the new list above.

to unsubscribe, send email with the body of: “unsubscribe matlab-emacs”

Known problems

Unable to open .m files in matlab with Emacs

From: Xu He <> wrote:

Dear all,

Following the install guide, I setup the matlab-emacs on my ubuntu 12.04 system, and I can edit and run the m file with emacs.

But I can not open nor edit m file with matlab. When I open the file in the matlab window, nothing happens.

I tried to eliminate the lines about matlab-emacs in ~/.emacs file, but the problem can not be solved.

I need to edit and run the file in matlab. Thanks for any help.

Best regards, Xu He


From: Hunter McClelland [] Till we discovered that Matlab-emacs changes the “Editor” matlab uses. Go to Preferences->Editor/debugger and change the Editor back to “MATLAB Editor”.